Welcome to the Membership Roadmap! The purpose of this roadmap is to guide you through the process of creating a successful membership site, one step at a time.

No matter which stage of the journey you’re already at, simply follow the steps to plan, create, launch or grow your membership site with ease. Click here to learn more

The planning stage is all about getting clarity on your idea and the features of your membership site, including your membership content, the functionality you need and your pricing structure. It’s important to get these details clear before you start to think about things like what membership plugin to use.

The aim of this stage is to have a clear plan for your membership that you can move forward with into the creating stage and beyond.

The creating stage is where you put your plan into action and turn it into a fully fledged membership site. Whilst much of this stage is focused on the tech side of your site, this is also where you’ll be creating your membership content, begining to think about your launch and developing your initial onboarding process.

The aim of this stage is to have a completed membership site that functions well and is ready to be launched into the world.

This stage is perhaps the briefest part of the membership journey, but in many ways it can be the most important. A successful launch will validate your membership idea, give you confidence, provide some financial return and, most importantly, bring you those vital first members who will bring your membership site to life.

The aim of this stage is to plan and execute a successful launch of your membership site, including settling in your new members.

Once your membership site is up and running it’s time to focus on getting members, keeping members and the day to day management of your site. This growth stage of your membership site is one that will be in perpetual motion. As such, unlike the other stages this is one that will never really be ‘finished’ and that you will likely keep coming back to and dipping into as needed.

The aim of this stage is for you to be able to grow and manage your membership site on an ongoing basis.