Launching Your Membership Site

This stage is perhaps the briefest part of the membership journey, but in many ways it can be the most important. A successful launch will validate your membership idea, give you confidence, provide some financial return and, most importantly, bring you those vital first members who will bring your membership site to life.

The aim of this stage is to plan and execute a successful launch of your membership site.

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The pre-launch period is when you start to build buzz about your upcoming membership. The aim here is to create anticipation for the opening of your membership site, as well as building an audience to launch to.

Build Your Wait List

If you’ve gone through the creating stage then you will likely already have a wait list page set up for your membership site. If so, now is the time to really start driving traffic to this page as we approach launch time.

Now that your site is nearly ready you may also want to flesh out this wait list page to give more details, or even use your full sales page with opt-in boxes in place of payment buttons.

If you don’t already have a wait list page then now is the time to create one!

Watch this quick video on creating a wait list sign up page.

Work through the first two lessons of the Pre-Launch Module

If you haven’t already done so, also watch the Building an Audience course.