Growing Your Membership Site

Once your membership site is up and running it’s time to focus on getting members, keeping members and the day to day management of your site. This growth stage of your membership site is one that will be in perpetual motion. As such, unlike the other stages this is one that will never really be ‘finished’ and that you will likely keep coming back to and dipping into as needed.

The aim of this stage is for you to be able to grow and manage your membership site on an ongoing basis.

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Attract New Members

Member acquisition is an important part of your membership growth. Without a regular injection of new members your site can become stagnant and, if your churn is high, you may even begin to experience negative growth.

Increasing Traffic & Leads

The first step to attracting new members is to increase the number of people actually visiting your site and the number of people signing up to your email list or sales funnel.

Your first step is to complete the first 10 lessons of the Attracting New Members course

We then recommend picking a particular attraction strategy to focus on and working through the relevant training:

If your traffic isn’t an issue but you are struggling to convert that traffic to email subscribers then you may it helpful to go through our List Building Essentials course.

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Increasing Sales

Once you’re getting a decent amount of traffic and leads from your site, it’s time to focusing on converting more of those leads to paying members.

Your first step is to complete lessons 10-16 of the Attracting New Members course

Then run through the Powering Up Your Sales Funnel course and see what aspects of this you can incorporate into your current process.

Other strategies you can use for increasing membership sales:

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